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Tenant Information


Clutch is the premier loyalty, rewards, gifting and mobile commerce platform for consumer-focused retailers and brands. The company creates brand advocates by delivering consistent and relevant experiences across all engagement and buying channels. In addition to its retailer platform, the Clutch consumer app – available for iOS and Android – is the only mobile wallet that simplifies what you already do. Get the best deals, give the best gifts, and share stuff you love with your friends and family in a single place. For more information, please visit www.clutch.com, follow Clutch on Twitter @ClutchShopping or like Clutch on Facebook

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Core States Group is a fully integrated professional services firm providing engineering, architecture, construction, and project management services. They collaborate with Fortune 500 companies across the country to tackle advanced engineering and architecture projects. Core States Group has become a leading design and engineering partner for the petroleum industry, and has worked for major clients, including Sunoco, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, and many more. Keeping in step with emerging and advanced technologies, Core States Group has done work with alternative energy programs such as wind turbine, solar, and fuel cell development.  Click the logo for more information.

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Direct Image and Design, DiD, is a health and wellness advertising agency that’s building connections to drive results. DiD efforts focus on crafting stories that create emotional relationships, and they rely on their experience across all media to determine when, where, and how to best engage the customer. Their professionalism and success can be validated by their proven track record working with esteemed companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Bausch and Lomb, and brands that include TYLENOL.  Click the logo for more information.


Haviland Hughes Law Firm is a boutique litigation firm with experience that spans regional and national levels in the area of complex business and class action litigation. These attorneys routinely advise individuals, businesses, and public entities in cases involving consumer protection, product liability, privacy, antitrust, and other issues. Click the logo for more information.

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LeadiD has successfully created a trusted environment for Lead Buyers and Lead Sellers to operate effectively.  Ensuring that Lead Sellers are offering quality legitimate leads, in turn allows Lead Buyers to be confident and comfortable in their purchase decisions.  The LeadiD platform exposes the validity of leads without compromising any proprietary data. Buyers and Sellers alike are able to make assertive real-time decisions in a mutually trusted environment.  Click the logo for more information.

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Summit Realty Advisors, LLC, is a real estate development services firm which focuses on development construction management, strategic advisory, and investments. Major clients include a national retail pharmacy and regional convenience store. Working directly with the clients and with the individual vendors, Summit Realty Advisors facilitates the development and construction processes. Being focused, driven, and organized, Summit Realty Advisors ensures that projects are fulfilled efficiently and professionally, and eliminates stress and/or hardships to the client.  Click the logo for more information.




Summit Realty Advisors, LLC

Office: 484-532-7830
Fax: 484-532-7833
201 S. Maple Avenue, Suite 100
Ambler, PA 19002